HSE policy

Frontica Advantage is part of Aker ASA, and shares the same Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) values. HSE is a core value for all Aker companies.
Just Care - the Aker Solutions HSE mindset
  • We  believe that all incidents can be prevented
  • We strive continuously for zero harm to personnel, material and non-material assets
  • We focus on employee health and on continuously improving the work environment
  • We conduct our operations through efficient use of materials and energy, with minimum waste and damage to the environment
  • We design products and services to have no undue environmental impact, to be safe and to be efficient in consuming energy and natural resources
  • We seek to ensure that our products can be recycled or disposed of safely.

To live up to our HSE mindset, we will:

  • Require every employee to take personal responsibility for HSE by focusing on their own behaviour
  • Apply a systematic and measurable approach to continually improve our HSE culture and performance
  • Bring with us our high HSE standards wherever we do business; complying with applicable laws and regulations is only the minimum
  • Openly communicate HSE issues and performance, and share and learn from HSE best practices, internally and externally
  • Include HSE performance in the selection, appraisal and reward of our staff
  • Integrate HSE in all business processes
  • Require line management to provide HSE leadership and implement this policy